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oh my gosh 1,004 followers!!!

Thank you all so much! i enjoy this blog so much. I have another blog called which is just based on fashion.


oh my gosh! this is incredible. thank you to everyone for following.

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Thank you all so much for following us! A few days ago we had 490 followers and all of the sudden I checked and we have 516!!! That is unbelievable. I missed the 500 mark but i wanted to just say thank you. Everyone stay classy.


Hey everyone Jennifer here. I have recieved some messages that you want more fashion posts. I actually have a personal blog that is dedicated to fashion. If you want to check it out it’s sorry, not trying to promote my other blog i just thought i would tell you guys. I am so excited that this blog that i started with my friend is kicking off. This assures me that their are beautiful classy ladies out there. Thanks everyone for the follow! if you have any other questions or suggestions please message me.

love y’all -Jennifer